BoneHead RC Replacment Reed Petals Scott Finlay 40-50cc

BoneHead RC Replacment Reed Petals Scott Finlay 40-50cc


Machined from my own blend of material layered specially to BoneHead-RC specification for an unparalleled match on strength and reliability.

This is a relatively new material that's been specifically made for RC Reed engines, now available for the SF engines.

You get maximum response from your engine without sacrificing reliability.

Petals are wear item and should be checked replaced regularly, these have a guarantee to last at least 15 hrs.

Comes as a kit 2 replacement reeds

Bonehead RC Switch Eliminator
OBR V1 Reed gasket
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BoneHead RC Replacment Reed Petals Small Bore engines
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£19.99 — Sold out
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£74.99 — Sold out
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£19.99 - £24.99
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