MCD steering kit fitting instructions

Thanks for purchasing my Unique steering kit for the MCD range, this kit is for the 2019 servo tray only.

Follow the pictures to aid in chopping your stock tray, I did this with an angle grinder, but a small saw would do the job just fine. 

Make sure you don’t go too close to the servo mounting point on the first cut, the servo point on the right is needed so the more meat you leave here the better. 

Now you should have your tray looking something like, not to worry if it’s not so neat it’s covered with the carbon servo plate. 

Now fit the black standoffs to the servo plate see picture. 

The picture below shows yellow and red arrows, yellow being the back, red being the front. 

The yellow backside fit the M4xM4 standoffs and the red front side fit the M4xM3 standoffs, this is for the twin servo plate. 

The single servo plate only the bottom right stand-off is M4xM3. 

Now fit the servo plate to the stock tray you’ve just cut, see below picture, take notes of the carbon spacers. 

Use the M3x20 button heads and fit the servo plate the black standoffs I removed so they’d not be in the way for the sake of taking pictures. 

Don’t over tighten those bolts they are there to provide more rigidity for the stock tray where it was chopped. 

Now you can fit the 2 M4x12 countersinks or if it’s the single servo plate 3 M4x12 see picture. 

If you have a transponder this will fit over the famous BoneHead logo, 2 holes are located left and right bottom of the logo the 3rd in the skull. 

Now that’s it fit your electronics and your good to go

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